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The million dollar question is: How do you get as many transactions as possible for sustainable cashflow?

Most retail businesses are either being held back by unpredictable sales or they’ve hit the ceiling with regular transactions.

There are only two solutions to this problem: Tap into a new stream of ready-to-buy customers, and ensure your existing customers shop more often with you.

Join us in this webinar and find out how to do both. Discover how to tap into a new, socially responsible consumer market AND attract more consistent customers to increase your profits.

All without costing you extra money, time or additional effort.

This webinar is perfect for you if you are:

Retail Shops

Restaurants & Cafes

eCommerce & Online Stores

Service based business who take card payments

Socially responsible, ethical retailers who want to do good

Businesses wanting to create sustainable income

Doing Good is the future for attracting shoppers.

Did you know almost 50% of Australians say they will switch to brands who support a charity in the coming year? Australians are looking at supporting charities that align with their ethics and actively move away from brands that contradict their values.
Imagine the impact on your daily, weekly and monthly sales if you could tap into this new, socially aware retail trend – can you afford to miss out on all these shoppers?

Join us for this free 15-minute webinar and find out how to access this new tribe of customers.

Would being able to access a database of 3 million Australians and bring locals through your door (repeatedly) help you stop the income rollercoaster and help your retail business succeed?
And you can do it with zero cost and help do good for the community at the same time.

This webinar will help you flatten your income rollercoaster and bring you more customers

Only 15 minutes of your time

We know your time is precious, so we’ll keep this short! In 15 minutes we’ll share how you can get more customers, more repeat purchases and do it with minimum work from you.

Join a global movement of ethical shoppers

You never know who’s standing outside your shop. Make it easier for them to walk through your door or choose you online. Access a database of 3 million shoppers who are ready to choose you.

Link your sales to doing good in the world

What if we told you that in the past year, 25% of consumers have actively switched to a brand that supports a charity? What would tapping into this new, socially responsible consumer group mean for your business?

No cost to your biz

No staff training required

No complex setup

No lock in contracts

No loyalty cards & extra scanning

No disruption to business

Here’s just some of our early partner clients

… and there are more joining the Doing Good Movement every week!

Providing income to these charity partners and more

Picture of Brad Langdon


Brad Langdon

The CEO of Doing Good Rewards will show you how you can grow loyal customers while helping the community with this world’s first tech. With 25+ years of pioneering technology designs in web and app platforms, partner with Doing Good Rewards to grow your business to leverage Brad’s combined leadership expertise in marketing, communications, engagement, social responsibility and loyalty.

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Attract more customers and encourage more repeat purchases without having to spend money or time.

Do good

Help your customers consistently do good by supporting charities and building a stronger community.

3 upcoming webinar times

26th April 2022

5:30pm AEST

23rd May 2022

5:30pm AEST

20th June 2022

7:00pm AEST

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