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Automatically Give to Charities Without Going Out-Of-Pocket

Charities have been surviving on random acts of kindness for centuries

Everyone knows this is utterly unsustainable but there has been no better way.
The question is NOT how to rally more well-meaning people. There are already plenty of them.
We should create a system where giving becomes automatic and habitual.

Doing Good Rewards is the world’s first loyalty program to combine discount shopping and charitable giving in the same transaction

By simply shopping with our growing list of online and retail merchants, Doing Good Rewards members will not only enjoy great discounts, but also automatically contribute a small part of their savings to their favourite charities.

Here’s how it works:

Download App & Join In 2 Minutes

Available on both Apple & Android. Free Sign Up.

Select Your Favourite Charity to Give

Allocate your giving starting at 10% of all shopping discounts.

Search for Discounts, Shop, Save and Give!

Enjoy discounts of up to 30% and become a smart saver & generous giver for life!

No more extra out-of-pocket giving. No more spontaneous donations wondering if it really moves the needle.

With Doing Good Rewards, you are a top human being forever.

By just going about your everyday life and spending as per normal, you instantly become a smart saver and generous giver.

Applicable to Visa, Eftpos & Mastercards

Your saving is paid directly back onto your card within 7 days.

All Charity Giving is 100% Tax Deductible

A tax invoice with your total giving will be sent to you at the end of each financial year.

Weekly Updates on Discount Offers

We will keep you notified on the hottest discounts from both online and local shops around your area.

Popular discounts available right now:


Imagine a world where charities can stop begging for spare change. A world where charity giving happens automatically as part of every day-to-day transaction.

We invite you to join a global movement where every public transaction will contribute to doing good. Together, we will enable all businesses and merchants to become socially responsible companies. (We call them Doing Good Merchants).
Collectively as a society, as we all spend, we automatically become generous citizens who contribute to world-changing causes. The global village will ultimately experience a culture of caring and sharing which the world has never seen.
All without extra money out of pocket.

Collectively, we will give $200M+ to charities by 2026 through Doing Good Rewards

Don’t just join the movement.

Become the movement.

Nominate your favourite cafe, restaurant and boutique shops and we’ll reach out to them to organise regular discounts!

Who would you like to receive discounts from?

Your simple participation in Doing Good Rewards is creating social-impacting stories like these in 2021:

  • My experience with Doing Good Rewards has been fantastic so far! So lovely to get little discounts and know my retail therapy is helping the community by donating to charity (even though the amount is only small – anything helps!) It was also fantastic, knowing they were a DGR partner, I decided to go to Franck Provost Barangaroo for the first time. They were lovely, attentive and so so talented, even giving me a few complimentary glasses of champagne. The sign up process is so quick and easy. I highly recommend it.

    Macquarie Member: Registration & Shopping In-Store

  • It was so seamless - an easy way to give back and save money.

    WeWork Member - About Shopping

  • When I logged in to have a look at Employee Rewards for Good, I found that they had a really broad coverage in terms of businesses. I was able to make some online purchases and also grab some gift cards for stores that worked with the gift ideas that I had already had for loved ones. The site was very easy to use and the experience was all-round a good one

    Lander & Rogers Member - About Shopping

    Imagine if charities could rechannel all their effort and resources from donor acquisition into doing their actual jobs.

    The average adult spends $26,500 per year on day-to-day shopping. Let’s join the mission to convert this spending into sustainable cash flow to make our world a better place!

    Join Doing Good Rewards today and become a Smart Saver + Generous Giver!