Get More Customers,
Keep Them Coming Back
& Do Good With No Extra Cost

The world’s first loyalty program that automatically combines shopping discounts & charity giving in the same transaction.

No Monthly Fees & Lock In Contracts

Strong Appeal to Millenials & Socially Aware Customers

Put Your Business At The Forefront of a Global Social Impact Movement

Retail business is tougher than ever – a saturated market, stiff competition, dissatisfied customers, COVID…

70% of retail businesses fail within 5 years. How is yours going to beat the odds?
Doing Good Rewards is your opportunity for you to create a truly rewarding shopping experience. A one-of-a-kind loyalty program that funnels a large pool of high quality customers to your store, and keeps them coming back for more.

Here’s how the program works:

You nominate a discount – let’s say 10% across your products and services.
Doing Good Rewards displays that to a massive customer base as a 9% saving – WIN!
John, a registered DGR member, has nominated 20% of his savings to go to his nominated charity.
John spends $100 at your shop. You charge the full price at $100 – WIN!
John gets a notification that $7.20 (80%) of the $9 he just saved is on its way back to his credit card.
The other $1.20 (20%) has been donated to his favourite charity.
You’ll receive a weekly reconciliation report from Doing Good Rewards.
After which the discounted amounts only are direct debited from your account (with no additional fees or charges) – EVERYBODY WINS!

Become a
Doing Good Rewards merchant today, and you’ll get:

Instant Access to Eager Customers Ready to Shop

The app will specifically prompt customers in your local area to shop with you

Full Control Over Your Discounts

With no fees and the ability to adjust or switch on and off at any time

Customers Will Love Spending Money With You

Because the shop keeps thanking them for being a socially aware citizen in every transaction

Becoming a
Doing Good merchant is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Schedule a Discovery Call

All it takes is a 10 minute chat with our team to ensure the program is beneficial for your business

Sign Up as a DGR Merchant

We’ll do the setup and start funnelling loyal customers your way at $0 cost to you

Grow Your Business & Do Good

See your transactions multiply and know that you and your customers are changing the world for the better!

As long as your business is always prepared to offer occasional discounts,
it’s always a WIN-WIN-WIN for your business, your customers and charities.

It’s really a

Your business wins with increased sales and repeat customers.
Your customers win when they shop from you because they save automatically and feel good when part of their savings fund their favourite charity.
Charities win with continuous support every time a Doing Good Rewards customer shops with you.
No matter the competition or the economy, becoming a Doing Good Merchant is the best deal you could possibly make for your business. You’ll connect with the willing spenders and enthusiastic fans your busines deserves because you’re making a real difference, and switched-on customers know it’s a business worth buying from.

Sign up today and let your business be a part of:

A global social impact movement making charitable giving a habitual daily norm

A local cohort of socially-aware, generous people who want to deal with like-minded businesses

Anticipated donations of $200 million to charities by 2026

Regardless of your business size, corporate social responsibility matters because:

The top 5 most motivating causes to prompt brand switching are:

Medical research

Environmental protection & conservation

Healthcare & disease prevention

Disaster response & relief in Australia

Mental health services

Brand trust is at record low. 30% of interviewers have expressed dislike publicly, even boycotting, to brands who appear to be ruthless in maximising profits, or showing ingenuine social responsibility schemes.
2 in 3 Australians are more likely to shop with merchants who are attached to charities.
50% of consumers would only trust businesses that have shown genuine support to charities.
25% are actively seeking to switch to brands and merchants who support charities.
Conscious Consumer Research conducted by®
in Aug 2020

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