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The Unique
Customer Experience
The Unique Customer Experience
of Doing Good Rewards

Customers WIN

Shopping discounts and charity giving happen automatically as you go about your everyday shopping

Businesses WIN

Daily transactions increase as you tap into the socially conscious consumer market.

Charities WIN

Receive sustainable funding and get on with the work of making the world a better place

Even as a social enterprise, there is no excuse to offer a subpar product experience.

In fact, Doing Good Rewards is designed to be totally frictionless compared to most commercial loyalty programs on the market.
What we have created is a result of our 25 years of experience in loyalty combined with a genuine heart for doing good.
Brad Langdon

Discounts & charity giving automatically apply as customers tap their own credit cards

Our card linking technology means a customer simply taps their registered credit card at a terminal and the discount and charity donation happen automatically.

That means there is:

  • NO loyalty card
  • NO signage
  • NO show and save
  • NO training required
  • NO hassle at all for anyone.

Customers get notified of offers once near participating merchants

Our database of 3 million+ members is eager to support businesses that make a social impact. With our geo fencing technology, they will be instantly notified whenever they are near particpating merchants.
Most importantly, whether you’re a local business, an online store or both, you get free marketing directly to millions of potential customers!

Customers feel so good about buying from Doing Good Merchants, they are craving to come back

After a customer has shopped with a Doing Good Merchant, they will receive an instant notification about their savings and charity giving.
This dopamine hit produces a ‘feel good’ experience for customers, meaning they want to keep coming back for more, and happy customers will spread the word.

Merchants are in total control of their discounts/offers

After becoming a Doing Good Merchant, you decide on what, how and when you provide discounts/offers. Plus you can update, change, or remove your offer at any time with only 1 days notice to suit the season or daily business needs.
Or merchants can simply set and forget, with our team offering full technical support.

Your simple participation in Doing Good Rewards is creating social-impacting stories like these in 2022:

  • My experience with Doing Good Rewards has been fantastic so far! So lovely to get little discounts and know my retail therapy is helping the community by donating to charity (even though the amount is only small – anything helps!) It was also fantastic, knowing they were a DGR partner, I decided to go to Franck Provost Barangaroo for the first time. They were lovely, attentive and so so talented, even giving me a few complimentary glasses of champagne. The sign up process is so quick and easy. I highly recommend it.

    Macquarie Member: Registration & Shopping In-Store

  • It was so seamless - an easy way to give back and save money.

    WeWork Member - About Shopping

  • When I logged in to have a look at Employee Rewards for Good, I found that they had a really broad coverage in terms of businesses. I was able to make some online purchases and also grab some gift cards for stores that worked with the gift ideas that I had already had for loved ones. The site was very easy to use and the experience was all-round a good one

    Lander & Rogers Member - About Shopping

    Some of the Charities who are on the receiving end of Doing Good Rewards:

    More charities are being added all the time and you can nominate your favourite charity to be added to the platform. It’s free for all charities & they receive 100% of the donations we collect.

      As a social enterprise, our commitment is to make Doing Good Rewards absolutely zero cost and risk-free for merchants forever

      So how does Doing Good Rewards sustain itself as a business then?

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is Doing Good Rewards?
      The Doing Good Rewards platform allows consumers to access discounts from participating merchants, giving them automatic savings and the ability to send a portion of that saving to a nominated charity.
      Who can join?

      Any group that wants to make a collective impact.

      This is for organisations, charities, community groups, businesses. If you have customers, staff, members or any group of people then this is for you. Create your own Doing Good loyalty program and then invite your community to join. They will be given special access to discounts and charitable giving thanks to you!

      What are the costs to join?

      There a NO joining or subscription fees.

      Depending on what payment method you choose, there may be a fee when purchasing Online eGift Cards, Movie Vouchers or from Online Partner Retailers. Where available there will be no fees when paying by Bank Transfer EFT via Fast2Pay, while if paying by credit card there may be a Merchant Fee (which will be clearly listed prior to payment).

      How does Doing Good Rewards work for its members?

      When you join, simply register your payment card (Visa or Mastercard) and select what percentage of your savings you would like to give to charity. Then every time you shop using your card at participating merchants, instore or online, your discount and charity giving will occur automatically.

      At time of transaction, you will pay the full purchase amount. Then our tech automatically divides your discount – a percentage goes straight to charity, and the rest gets paid back to your card or account.

      You’ll be surprised at how much your donations to charity will quickly add-up through automatic discounts – then at tax time you claim them all back as they’re all tax deductible.

      How does Doing Good Rewards work for its merchants?

      Participating merchants are brands with heart, who understand the growing trend towards ‘socially-conscious consumers’ isn’t something that can be ignored. Merchants decide on a discount they would like to provide to our millions of members. This is fully adjustable, and merchants have complete control over their offers. There is no risk, cost or disruption to business. They are able to access new customers, grow their sales, all while helping fund charities.

      How is this different to other schemes?
      We are NOT a Top-up or Round-up. These schemes ask you at purchase time to top-up or round-up by giving a little bit more of your own money to a charity. With Doing Good Rewards, you don’t give extra money. You first save money and give a part of that saving to charity. It’s automatically done for you – our system is an automatic discount and automatic charitable donation. The donation is to YOUR nominated charity. How awesome is that!
      What do you mean by automatic?
      Doing Good Rewards members don’t need to show a discount or a loyalty card or quote a promo code. When you pay at any of the Doing Good retail partners, our system checks if your Visa or Mastercard is registered on our system, and if it is the appropriate discount is automatically applied to you and your member record is checked so we can send the appropriate percentage of your saving to your selected charity/cause.
      Do I need a special loyalty card?
      No, you just pay with your registered Visa or Mastercard card – no need to show a membership card or app or anything to save. The retailer will charge you full price and you’ll receive the benefit later.
      Is my personal information safe?
      Doing Good Rewards is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. Refer to the Privacy Policy at the Doing Good Rewards website. We only collect personal information in order to provide services and products to you, to maintain and improve customer service and to advise you of other Doing Good Rewards offers, products or services which may be of interest to you. Whilst you may opt not to provide us with your personal information, you should be aware that without this personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the services and/or products you are expecting.

      If you run a business, we invite you to become a Doing Good Merchant.

      Retail, e-commerce, service providers, hospitality, even B2B – this is for you!
      If you have paying customers (and want more!) then you can become a Doing Good Merchant.
      This is your opportunity to tap into the socially conscious consumer trend and grow your sales, all while making the world a better place.

      If you’re part of an organisation or community group, we invite you to create your own Doing Good program to cultivate loyalty within your membership base.

      There is nothing more bonding than ‘doing good’ together.
      Your community will LOVE you for giving them access to discounts and charity giving, simply while they go about their everyday shopping.
      Each time they transact at a Doing Good Merchant they’ll receive a notification with your logo on it, reminding them of the collective impact your community is making.

      Join the global movement of channeling public spending into automatic charity giving.

      Our world’s bright future awaits as you become a part of Doing Good Rewards.