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Social Responsibility

Your Profit Centre Your Profit Centre

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There is often no connection between charity giving and business ROI.

That needs to change.

Many modern companies are compelled to engage in CSR. Maybe you’re donating a portion of profits to charity, or giving staff time off to volunteer.

The truth is if you’re only giving and not getting, then you’re missing out on the big opportunity that CSR presents.

CSR should be a profit centre not a cost centre.

Your charity partners want this too – the growth of your business is good news for them!

How our CSR Audit helps you

Get a Blueprint for the Best CSR Program

Our audit helps uncover which charities will give you the most meaningful and mutually-beneficial partnerships. We provide a full report with guidance on how to implement a CSR profit centre.

Attract and Retain Talent & Customers

Customers and staff are increasingly looking to align with businesses that share their values. Create loyal brand ambassadors who tell their friends about the good you are doing.

Promote Your CSR to Stand Out in the Market

Anyone can make a charitable donation. We help you grow, measure, and report your social impact. Our guidance on how to present your CSR efforts will differentiate you from competitors.

When CSR is done right, everybody wins.

At Doing Good Rewards, we believe CSR should have shared value. You have a positive impact on the world, this has a positive impact on your business.

Our CSR Audit takes your existing efforts and discovers how you can:

  • Deepen your impact
  • Accurately measure and report your efforts
  • Create mutually beneficial charity partnerships

Giving to charity is easy. Turning that giving into business growth is harder. And that’s where we come in.

Clients we have helped

With our guidance, Jellis Craig set up a foundation to create a structured approach to their charity giving which led to a more engaged workplace.

“I am seeing a change not just in the work of the committee but I see them feeling really positive about life within Jellis Craig.” – Nick Dowling, CEO, Jellis Craig

National Associated Retail Traders of Australia (NARTA) has now developed a close partnership with orphanages in Thailand through charity Hands Across the Water. They run a fundraising bike ride each year for their members creating a shared experience.

Monica Rosenfeld, founder of WordStorm, wanted a CSR program that went beyond simply donating money. WordStorm has used its PR expertise to help a charity which has led to a positive impact in performance reviews. Employees now rate their job satisfaction as higher.

Getting started is as easy as

1, 2, 3

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In this obligation-free meeting we discover your objectives and how we can help

Receive a CSR Audit and Report

By interviewing key people in your business and any charities you are giving to, we then provide an overview of how you can enhance your impact and next steps.

Gain a CSR Program that Fuels Business Growth

Your business starts to make a bigger difference, while also attracting new customers, enhancing brand loyalty, standing out in the market, and retaining talent.

Get advice from the CSR Expert

Peter Baines OAM is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most effective ‘socialpreneurs’.

Peter is a renowned speaker who delivers keynotes on the topic of how businesses and charities can create mutually rewarding partnerships.

A charity founder himself, Peter is passionate about helping businesses build engagement and profits through their corporate social responsibility.

He is the author of Doing Good By Doing Good: Why Creating Shared Value is the Key to Powering Business Growth and Innovation.

Book a Keynote From Peter

The more profit you generate from your CSR programs, the more you can invest back into charities.

Create a win-win. Create a win-win.