Corporate Social Responsibility

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So, how does this work?

Traditional CSR

The traditional view of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is that it is something we should do and there can be business benefits attached, but really it is about sharing of profits and giving back. The problem with this approach is that it is fundamentally attached to the business cycle and profitability of the company. In essence the traditional approach is that support to charity will exist whilst business has excess resources or capital to invest.

Doing Good CSR

World’s Best Practice

At Doing Good Rewards we take a different approach to most. We view CSR first and foremost as a business growth strategy. We take out the reliance on the goodwill or philanthropy of the business owners or leaders and concentrate on helping CSR contribute in a real and measurable way to the growth of the business. Our experience tells us that when we turn CSR into a profit centre, rather than a cost centre the concept is viewed differently, and it becomes more sustainable and beneficial to all.
CSR can help differentiate you in the marketplace; strategic CSR can attract and retain customers, as well as create a more engaged community and drive new areas of profit into your business. These benefits are seldom realised to their full potential when we rely on discretionary contribution towards charity and community partners.

Our Approach

Doing Good CSR

As part of the Doing Good Rewards approach we:
  • Conduct an analysis of your business and the market in which you operate
  • Develop a strategy that is bespoke to your market and that is aligned to your business values and objectives which includes establishing the right legal entity to ensure your needs are met
  • Following the development we lead the Implementation of the program that leads to deeper engagement with all key stakeholders and differentiates your business in the market
  • Importantly we Measure and Report on the outcomes that have been achieved and then through our “Maintenance Program”, we ensure the benefits are not a one-time feel good initiative but continue to return value for your business growth

The Doing Good Rewards Concept

We have built an innovative technology platform that:
  • Rewards customers via recognition at payment to provide an automatic ‘frictionless’ discount on everyday spending
  • Helps merchants grow and retain new customers and staff
  • Helps corporates attract and retain new and existing customers and staff
  • Helps charities create new and effortless revenue streams via automatic donations