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About Us

We are aiming to contribute $200 million to charities by 2026.
We can do it together.

Despite our individual and collective challenges, most of us are doing reasonably well. That brings into stark contrast those in our own country and around the world who are being left behind and need our help.

Fortunately, charitable giving is at an all-time high. Australians are making tax-deductible donations at six times the rate we did in the 1970s. That tells us three things: a good proportion of the population is socially aware, there is a collective will to contribute to good causes, and the need is as great as ever.
Every charity wants to achieve as much as it possibly can, which means raising as much money as possible and then using it efficiently and effectively. On the same token, every donor would like to see their dollars stretched as far as possible.
Imagine if charities had to spend less time and effort, and expend less of their valuable funds, actually doing the fundraising? Imagine if they knew there was a steady, reliable flow of donations, rather than intermittent boosts that mostly come after they conceive and run a campaign? Doing Good Rewards did imagine that, then set about making it a reality.

By making charitable giving convenient, automatic, and habitual, we let charities get on with doing the good they were set up to do.

We invite you to join us in changing the conversation for the global charity sector, so that:

Charities can move on from the entitlement mindset and offer donation solutions that make financial sense for individuals and businesses.

Corporates can see CSR beyond a mere branding exercise, as a business proposition to drive bottom-line results.

Small Business can harness an influx of socially aware customers to grow their sales and play a huge part in social impact.

Individuals are empowered to become responsible global citizens while saving thousands per year through the Doing Good Rewards program.

The world will become a much better place where caring and sharing is automatic and habitual.

The Doing Good Team

Brad Langdon

Chief Executive Officer

Peter Baines OAM

Chief CSR Officer
Author of Doing Good by Doing Good

Tim Ward

Chief Commercial Officer

Ashlee Allison

Head of Operations and Programs

Gavin Youngman

Head of Marketing

Be part of the
World’s First Community of

Smart Savers + Generous Givers

Download the Doing Good Rewards mobile app today

  • Shop from Socially-Aware Local & Online Merchants

  • Save Thousands Per Year on Shopping Discounts

  • Give Automatically to Your Favourite Charity from Discount Savings

The DOING GOOD REWARDS concept is now LIVE with Visa, Mastercard & eftpos automatic recognition payment mechanisms all available & more to come.
If you want to get on board or simply stay up-to-date with the progress as we roll it out, give us a call 1300 014 323 or pop us an email at [email protected]. We look forward to YOU becoming a part of the DOING GOOD MOVEMENT.