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The Bounceback Starts Here
Over 2,000 customers in Gippsland are ready to be directed to your business!

Get more customers, keep them coming back and DO GOOD with no extra costs.

Spring is here, the sun is out and Gippsland is out of lockdown! It’s exciting to see local businesses picking up momentum again.

Doing Good Gippsland is ready to add fuel to the fire, generating more transactions for the Gippsland business community. We can’t wait to see local business booming again, just like old times!
We currently have over 2,000 Gippsland-based consumers to kick start Doing Good Gippsland. They’re ready and hungry to shop with our recommended merchants, and that’s just to start, the number of consumers is set to explode!
Doing Good Rewards provides local communities with Australia’s first loyalty program to combine shopping discounts and charitable giving in the same transaction.
As long as you’re willing to offer any discount (set & controlled by you), our motivated members will flock to you and become loyal, repeat customers, while automatically raising funds for local charities. You get more business and become a champion for charity and the Gippsland community.
Image Credit: Visit Victoria, Metung, Gippsland Lakes.

Our program is:

Completely free of charge & with no lock-in contract

This won’t cost anything other than whatever discount you’re willing to give.

Set up in 10 minutes with no disruption to your operations

No membership card needed, no new systems to implement & no training needed for staff.

A total no-brainer and no-risk to try

Everybody wins … and we’ll run social media ads featuring your business.

There’s no catch. Through your discounts, customers will be automatically be donating to local charities in Gippsland, all while gaining a tribe of community-focused loyal customers.

Here’s an example of how it works:

You offer a 10% discount storewide to any Doing Good Gippsland member. Say hi to Bob.

You can choose to switch on & off and adjust your offers anytime

Bob finds you on the Doing Good Gippsland App and spends $100 with you

The app automatically prompts customers when they are in your local area

$5 goes back to Bob’s credit card & $5 goes to his nominated Gippsland charity

Or more money goes to charity if the customer chooses to

It’s the Aussie way – we grow strong through support for each other, support for our community.

Doing Good Rewards gives you and your customers a simple way to consistently support charities doing good in Gippsland.
We know that people will rally to support local businesses and local causes if given the opportunity.
Doing Good Gippsland provides the opportunity and the means for citizens, businesses, and charities to all benefit from each other to build a stronger community.

By taking part, your business will really stand out and make it an even more integral part of the fabric of Gippsland.