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The EASY way for merchants to become a social impact leader

The world’s first loyalty program combining shopping discounts & charity giving in the same transaction.

Multiply Your Social

Become a Forerunner of Conscious Consumerism

Future Proof Your

Doing Good Rewards helps multiply your impact with NO time, effort, or cost to you.

Conscious Consumerism is a major trend. It is here to stay. Companies who don’t adapt to meet these demands are going to be phased out from their customers’ mind.

Stats from socially Conscious Consumers:

1 in 4

choose businesses who have a real social impact

2 in 5

want to become more ethical consumers

3 in 5

are aware of the social impact of their purchases

How we make it easy for you to do good:

Frictionless Customer Service

The discounts happen automatically when a Doing Goods customer pays with their debit or credit card – there are no extra steps or loyalty cards!

Full Transparency and Reporting

Many social responsibility initiatives are expensive to track and quantify. We provide you with regular reports so you can share with your customers the difference you are making together.

Online & In-Store Flexibility

We can customise the program for your exact needs. You could run an offer in just one of your stores, only online, or everywhere! Personalise the discounts and local charities for each store location. It’s all up to you.

Experience the Program with a Pilot

While you’re planning how to best implement a program across your entire organisation, you can try Doing Good Rewards with one store or a group of customers.

Here’s how the program works:

You nominate a discount – let’s say 10% across your products and services.
Doing Good Rewards displays that to a massive customer base as a 9% saving – WIN!
John, a registered DGR member, has nominated 20% of his savings to go to his nominated charity.
John spends $100 at your shop. You charge the full price at $100 – WIN!
John gets a notification that $7.20 (80%) of the $9 he just saved is on its way back to his credit card.
The other $1.20 (20%) has been donated to his favourite charity.
You’ll receive a weekly reconciliation report from Doing Good Rewards.
After which the discounted amounts only are direct debited from your account (with no additional fees or charges) – EVERYBODY WINS!

Here are just some of the charities we provide funding for:

More charities are being added all the time and you can nominate your favourite charity to be added to the platform.
All Charity Partners receive 100% of the donations we collect for them, there are no admin fees or any cost to them.

    Becoming a
    Doing Good Merchant is as easy as 1, 2, 3

    1, 2, 3

    Book a 15 Minute Live Demo

    This obligation-free call will help you see what Doing Good Rewards looks like in action for your business. Have all your questions answered. And if you want to go ahead we can take care of that on the spot!

    Become a Doing Good Rewards Merchant & Multiply Your Social Impact

    We have a willing member base that just needs to be tapped in to. Many consumers are actively looking to buy from merchants who support charity. Boost sales while having a social impact.

    Start Funding Charities & Making a Real Difference

    Each time a Doing Good Rewards member shops with you they get a feel-good experience, leaving you with happy and engaged customers that become brand advocates.

    Doing Good Rewards goal is to collectively give $200m+ to charities by 2026.

    Join the movement and align your brand with this level of social impact.